Purpose & Scope

The Global Forum on Sanitation and Hygiene will bring together sanitation and hygiene professionals and WSSCC members for a week of sharing, learning, strategizing and momentum-building around these vital issues. We’re all familiar with the planet’s sanitation and hygiene challenges. It is unacceptable that 2.6 billion people without toilets are unable to fulfil their daily needs with safety, convenience and dignity. An even larger number are unable to practise safe hygiene in their day-to-day lives, further endangering their health and safety. Recent analyses of progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) reveal that the world will miss the sanitation MDG target by more than half a billion people, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, Southern Asia and Eastern Asia. As a global professional community, our efforts to increase access to sanitation and use of good hygiene practices in developing countries have been many and varied, and much remains to be done. The good news is that sanitation and hygiene professionals have made great strides in both policy and practice in recent years, and the Mumbai meeting is an opportunity to build upon this momentum. WSSCC has a proud history of arranging purposeful and productive meetings, and this tradition continues in Mumbai through a focus on core sanitation and hygiene topics and links to other sectors such as health, education and business. It provides a global platform for sharing knowledge and findings from the regional sanitation conferences in East Asia, South Asia, Africa and Latin America that precede the forum. As well, it will draw in lessons from the impressive sanitation accomplishments in China and will offer instructive and inspirational field visits to key programmes in India’s Maharashtra State, which is a leader in the region in innovative service delivery at scale. In addition, it will feature a unique blend of sector professionals (both WSSCC members and non-members), global advocates and development experts. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the meeting will support the entire WSSCC family, helping members connect with each other and forge new links, stronger partnerships and greater momentum within and outside of WSSCC.

Aims and objectives

The Forum has four main objectives. First, it will facilitate learning and sharing between members, sector practitioners and policymakers. Second, it will energize professional communities by focusing exclusively on sanitation and hygiene. Third, it will showcase knowledge, investment, communications, advocacy, partnership and networking approaches. Finally, it will strengthen national, regional, South-South, and global dialogue and collaboration.

Who should attend

Up to 500 WSSCC members, sector professionals, country agency representatives and individuals from civil society, business and WSSCC partner organizations will attend. The Forum aims to have a balanced representation between WSSCC members and non-members, and from developing and developed countries.